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Hummingbird Hanging Project

Introducing our Hummingbird Hanging Project Kit.

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Make some time for yourself with this beautiful art project.

We will guide you step-by-step so you too can make this unique hanging for your home.

This project was inspired by my love of birds. For years as a child we walked as a family and our Dad would talk to us about the various flora and fauna we encountered, birds being a huge part of those conversations and this has stuck with me. We thought this project and its brighter colours was perfect for our first project of the year. We will teach you how to handle acrylic paint to create delicate layered effects while learning how to construct two hummingbirds out of card, tissue and PVA glue.

So settle in and make some time to get creative and create this beautiful art work.


* A detailed instruction booklet

* A bespoke template sheet

* A bespoke set of acrylic paint

* 2 x A4 corrugated card

* A flat paint brush

* A small paint brush

* A white paint palette

* Paper scissors

* Green bugle beads

* Gold wooden beads

* Gold craft wire

* Metal weight

* HB pencil


* To mix the correct colour palette

* To apply layers of paint to create a delicate layered

* To construct a delicate hanging for your home

* To understand the design process

* To understand and enjoy the mindfulness of painting

* To make time for yourself and get creative


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