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Siena architecture project

Introducing our beautiful Siena Architecture Project.

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This was inspired by the stunning city of Siena, Italy where I was lucky enough to spend some time visiting galleries and architecture and learning about the region and it's history.

The rustic burnt bricks, decorative windows and tall towers were a huge inspiration and directly informed this project.



* 2 A4 white mountboard

* 3 A4 sheets premium white card

* PVA glue

* Craft knife

* A5 cutting mat

* White tissue paper

* Bespoke acrylic colour palette

* Copper wire

* Flat paintbrush

* Scissors

* Jay cloth

* HB pencil

* Metal ruler

* Template sheets

* Instruction booklet


What you will learn...

* To cut and construct card nets to create 3D structures

* To create a textured surface using a variety of tissue paper and layered paint reminiscent of the buildings of Siena

* To mix the correct colour palette for your work

* To work with positive and negative shapes to create depth within your work.




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