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Hello there! I’m Rachel, the founder of Wild & Green.

I started Wild & Green from a desire to design and create beautiful, contemporary projects accessible to everyone in their own home.

As a Mammy to two beautiful children I know the challenge of making some time for yourself while constantly juggling everything else. So, my projects arrive at your door carefully wrapped with everything you need from equipment to detailed instructions. The only thing you need to do is make some time for yourself and enjoy.

Why Wild & Green?

As the name suggests, I love anything to do with the natural environment. A Welsh girl to the core, I am happiest in nature, so our projects range from florals and plants, beetles and butterflies, birds and so much more. We also include aspects of architecture inspired by natural forms.

Where did it begin?

Having completed an Embroidery Degree in 2002, I exhibited around the country, was an artist-in-residence and taught many, many art workshops, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I was an art teacher for over fourteen years and relished the challenges of finding new, exciting ways to deliver a subject I was passionate about.

For years I had been needing a new challenge, while also being home as much as possible for my own two little ones. This is where Wild & Green was born, combining my love of art and constantly evolving my practice with my enthusiasm for teaching but now the project and processes get delivered to your door.

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