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Autumn Wreath Kit

Introducing our stunning Autumn Wreath Project.

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As the name of our business suggests we love all things natural and we can be found every day in the mountains and forests near where we live along with our gorgeous border collies Willow and Floss. This time of year is full of warm oranges and yellows alongside the subtle brown tones and the light gives everything a golden hue. So it was apt that we decided to do this wreath to echo the colours and plants in the environment.

This project combines sewing and gluing, wire work and construction with a warm Autumnal colour palette. 

You will learn new skills and produce your own artwork ready to hang on the wall of your choosing in time for those warm, cosy evenings.



* A thorough step-by-step instruction booklet

* A selection of stranded embroidery threads in warm Autumnal tones

* DMC champagne gold stranded embroidery thread

* A selection of pre-cut premium felt shapes

* A copper hoop

* PVA glue

* A reel of warm copper craft wire

* A Needle card and pins

* Red wooden beads


* To create mixed media berries

* To sew and construct Autumn leaves using mixed media

* How to manipulate and create delicate wire leaves

* To create a delicate mixed media piece of art

* To make some time to relax, get creative and make some beautiful art


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