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Birds of a Feather project

Introducing our Birds of a Feather Project.

This project brings together my passion for textiles with my enthusiasm for birds.

We have chosen a subtle colour palette to compliment the detailed designs of the pattern work.

We hope you love it as much as we enjoyed designing it!

We have even included enough materials for you to make your very own bird brooch.



* A thorough step-by-step instruction booklet

* A bespoke template sheet

* 8 inch embroidery hoop

* A selection of premium felt in subtle tones

* Soft grey linen fabric

* DMC golden stranded embroidery thread

* DMC stranded thread in a variety of colours

* A needle card with your needle and pins

* A white gel pen

* Embroidery scissors

* Gold seed beads


What you will learn…

* A variety of embroidery stitches including; blanket stitch, daisy stitch, seed stitch

* How to applique fabrics

* To build up a complicated design using simple steps

* To create your own artwork

* To make some time to relax



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