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Folk Art Painted Hanging Project

Introducing our Folk Art Painted Hanging Project.

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Make some time for yourself with this beautiful art project.

We will guide you step-by-step so you too can make this beautiful gouache painted hanging.

This project was inspired by my love of traditional Scandinavian Folk Art. We have wanted to do a pure painting project for a while now and kept returning to folk art and this is where the project was born. We will teach you how to handle the gouache paint to create a delicate layered painting which, when complete, can be fixed onto your wooden hanging and displayed on the wall of your choice.

The rich ocean blue card compliments the soft olive greens, duck egg blue and muted pink tones alongside the rich and vibrant red.

So settle in and make some time to get creative and create this beautiful art work.


* A detailed instruction booklet

* A bespoke template sheet

* A set of premium gouache paint

* 2 x A4 premium ocean blue card

* A wooden poster hanger set

* A white paint palette

* An A4 white carbon paper

* A white gel Pen

* A HB pencil


* To transfer a design onto the blue card

* To mix the correct colour palette

* To control the paint to create the desired effect

* To be able to create a layered, delicate painting

* Most importantly to make some time, relax and create something beautiful just for you.


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