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Heavenly Hellebore Kit

Introducing our Heavenly Hellebore Kit.

This kit is a pre-order and will be mailed mid February. It is also available as part of our quarterly subscription.

This may be one of the all time favourite kits and has been in the planning for months just waiting for the perfect time. 

As all of our projects are inspired by the natual world it seems perfect with spring just around the corner to make this kit to celebrate the emergence of florals into our environment and what better than the winter rose.

This kit contains everything you need to complete this project from premium crepe papers in gorgeous colours to a vintage wooden stand.

So settle in and make some time to get creative and create this beautiful art work.


* A detailed instruction booklet

* A bespoke template sheet

* Premium crepe papers

* Pale pink card

* PVA glue

* Floristry tape

* Floristry wire

* Rolled paper balls

* Mulberry acrylic paint

* Light green acrylic paint

* Vintage wooden stand

* A small paintbrush


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