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Jewel Beetle Project

Introducing our Jewel Beetle project.

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Make some time for yourself with this beautiful art project.

We will guide you step-by-step so you too can make this beautiful 3D Jewel Beetle presented on a plaque.

We will even include how to make your own beetle brooch.

This project was inspired by my fascination of insects. They are such beautiful creatures and come in such a vast array of colours, they need to be celebrated and this is exactly what this project is designed to do. We have selected the finest miyuki seed beads in pinky/golden tones, soft green bugle beads and warm copper toned craft wire to decorate the delicate structure of the beetle.This will all be presented on a small plaque ready to be hung in your home. 


What you will receive in your project box;

* An MDF board

* 8mm flat nylon paintbrush

* Bespoke acrylic paints

* Tissue paper

* Copper craft wire

* PVA glue

* Jay cloth

* Paper scissors

* Miyuki beads

* Bugle beads

* Instruction booklet

* Beading needle

* Invisible thread

* Knitted copper wire


What you will learn...

* To manipulate wire to create delicate insect limbs.

* To stitch miyuki beads onto a papered surface.

* To create your own jewelled brooch.

* To construct knitted wire into a sphere.

* To construct a 3 dimensional insect.

* Most importantly to make some time, relax and create something beautiful just for you.



£20.00 (Was £26.99)

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