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Sacred Heart Hoop Project

Introducing our Sacred Heart Hoop kit. This project is inspired by Mexican art and the predominance of the heart within the art work. I wanted to design a kit that celebrates the bright and joyfulness of the culture it is inspired by.

So the kit uses bright primary colours from the felt to the thread and the sequins and beads.

You will learn how to applique fabric to fabric, learn new stitches and techniques and most importantly to take some mindful time for yourself to relax and get creative.

What you will get in your box;

* Detailed instruction booklet

* Bespoke template sheet

* A selection of premium felt

* Embroidery hoop

* Patterned cotton fabric

* DMC stranded gold thread

* Sewing needle and pins

* Embroidery scissors

* PVA glue

* Pompom trim

* Gold beads

* Red sequins

* White gel pen




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