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Tealight Holder Clay Kit

Introducing our brand new Tealight Holder Clay Kit. 
We are delighted to be launching this new project using air drying clay to create a beautiful and unique wall hung tea light holder. 
This kit using premium white air drying clay and gold leaf to create a hanging in muted tones.
The kit is inspired by traditional Mexican Nichos which are usually full of colour and pattern but we stuck with a delicate colour palette and simple pattern work to create this understated elegant tealight holder.
As always in your kit you get all the materials needed to make your project this month the kit includes; air drying clay (enough clay to make two of these tealight holders with some spare), a sheet of gold leaf, a tin of PVA glue, velvet ribbon, a tea light, paint brush and pencil.

So get cosy and make some time to create this beautiful project. Enjoy!

In your project kits....

* Detailed instruction booklet

* Bespoke template sheet

* Block of air drying clay

* Wooden roller

* Craft knife

* Sheet of gold leaf

* Tin of PVA glue

* 2 x kebab skewers

* White Board

* Velvet ribbon

* Paintbrush

* HB pencil



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